Jan 2016
To meet demand for localised video content, Datawords and Digiprod got together a little over a year ago to develop a complete and integrated international video service
Digiprod, with their knowledge and experience of the entire audiovisual production chain, was an obvious choice as a partner for expanding our international video content services.
A few examples of successes achieved in the course of the last six months illustrate the diversity of these projects (in terms of video numbers and lengths, languages concerned, etc.), distributed through a wide range of channels (cinemas, YouTube, TV, in-shop screens, Blu-ray), for clients of widely varying origins and sectors.
We can cite the adaptation of an advertising campaign for Uniqlo screened in the French cinemas or the running of a Giorgio Armani campaign on screens at the brand’s Italian points of sale. We also have Digiprod to thank for the adaptation for French TV of a number of advertising campaigns for Warner Bros, the renowned American studios.
On the question of handling video production for several markets, we localised more than 85 videos for 17 countries in a single project for Suez Environnement. Similarly, we produced a Blu-Ray promotional documentary of 48 minutes in 12 languages for Omega.
And this is just the beginning. Video format is currently playing a bigger and bigger role in the habits of Internet users and consequently in the digital marketing world. Increasingly, major international brands seek to anticipate local distribution constraints when conceiving and producing their video content. The Datawords group is now more than ever the ideal partner to assist brands in this area, in which demand looks set to take off.