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Datawords supports Fondation Arthritis and its research on joint disease

Mar 2017
The Datawords teams are proud to support medical research on joint disease by standing by Fondation Arthritis.
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International display banner icon

The keys to a successful international Display campaign

Dec 2016
As of 2016, digital advertising represents a third of advertising spending, just behind TV ads.
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Frédéric Simon @ HubForum Paris 2016 : Datawords and SEB keynote

Datawords at HUBFORUM Paris 2016

Nov 2016
For the third consecutive year, Datawords participated as a partner at HUBFORUM in Paris.
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Thomas de La Loge @ Demandware Retail Connect - Shanghai

Datawords @ the Demandware Retail Connect in Shanghai

Oct 2016
Datawords, represented by Thomas de La Loge & Suki Yiu, is proud to have taken part in an event in Shanghai organised by our partner Demandware: the Demandware Retail Connect.
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Alexandre Crazover : Interview @ Viva technology - Widoobiz

Datawords at VivaTechnology

Jul 2016
Interview with Alexandre Crazover, Datawords co-founder, on merging tech with local culture at Datawords.
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International SEO infographic 2016 @ Datawords

9 Tips to Optimise Your International SEO

Apr 2016
SEO is an important source of traffic for websites. If you target several markets, we have put together nine recommendations to optimise your website's international SEO.
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