We combine technology and cultural fluency to roll out your brand’s international strategy across all digital platforms.

Datawords is specialised in optimising and ensuring the seamless deployment of international digital campaigns.

We adapt your communications to each country, while respecting your brand’s international image.

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Vanksen, Digiprod and 87seconds are also proud members of the Datawords Group.

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e-Multicultural Technologies

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Our linguistic, technical and e-marketing skills provide solutions for the worldwide implementation of your international digital strategy

Datawords reproduces your marketing channels in over 35 languages, adapting them to the target markets.

Datawords has been taking care of multilingual digital production for many major international companies for over 12 years.
We simplify the implementation of your international digital strategy.

Balancing the global and the local

The multicultural aspect is at the heart of all our digital production services.

  • Launch your website in 20 languages
  • Synchronise your campaigns worldwide
  • Keep your e-commerce website alive internationally
  • Reference your website in China
  • Moderate your social networks in all languages