Effortless International Deployment of Your
Online Campaigns

After validation of the media strategy and creation, the production phase that will bring your campaign to life can present complications.

Special attention needs to be paid to each language and each market in order to obtain viable and consistent result. Preparing and launching an effective campaign requires a number of technical and linguistic skills.

Datawords handles the multilingual production from the receipt of the media plan and creations to the publication of your banners online.

From the validated creation to the multilingual banners online

In rendering your communications supports accessible internationally, linguistic and cultural aspects are only the tip of the iceberg.

Example: The format validated for the source language sometimes needs to be modified for the international deployment of your banners, to suit the publishers in the various local markets.

Managing complex projects

Several agencies are involved all along the line in setting up a campaign: the media agency, the creative agency, the ad server, etc.

Datawords centralises the information and liaises with all the local and international players to resolve technical problems and deal with the communications issues peculiar to each market that can crop up at any stage of the project.

Using Datawords center to monitor and preview your campaign

A single tool for following the campaign and the localisation of the source material right up to going online

Datawords Center and its Media Online application were specially developed for the implementation and monitoring of the multilingual and international production of banners.

A veritable exchange platform, Datawords Center ensures the smooth coordination of digital projects between the various agencies, the advertiser and the advertiser's subsidiaries.