Simplifying Your Digital Communications

The multilingual production of an international project involves numerous players. The parallel treatment of information flows and corrections requires very strict attention to detail.

Your dedicated Datawords Project Manager remains your sole contact person throughout the project. They will coordinate your requests for all the languages concerned and ensure full compliance with deadlines, budgetary constraints and quality standards of all deliveries.

Datawords uses an extremely reliable monitoring system to keep you informed of the progress of your project at all times. You thus have total visibility in relation to all aspects of your multilingual activity.

Guaranteeing the consistency of your communications worldwide

Any local adaptation of content requested by a subsidiary is contextualised and assessed by Datawords for subsequent validation by the international head office prior to publication.

Datawords draws on its multicultural expertise to facilitate mutual understanding between the subsidiaries and head offices of international brands on both local and global issues.

Our ISO 9001–certified production processes incorporate this role of mediation. They provide an opportunity for dialogue between head offices and subsidiaries without affecting delivery times.

Providing a customised service

Your project is unique and for this reason we propose a tailor-made solution, the key to providing high-quality service.

With over ten years' experience in multilingual digital production, we are well placed to anticipate certain aspects of your project while adapting to its specific demands.

Project after project, our teams make your objectives their own and build up an expert knowledge of your brand.

Keeping your project on track during its final stages

International coordination takes on vital importance during the final stages of a project.

Any delays that may have occurred during previous stages of the project inevitably produce a cumulative effect during the final multilingual stage of production.

Our experience in international project management brings you a key advantage when it comes to ensuring that budgetary and planning constraints are respected.