Optimising the Worldwide Visibility of a Website

Building of an international natural referencing (SEO) strategy is an indispensable process that must be tackled seriously when undertaking the translation of a website.

Internet users make requests in their languages and on their local search engines. So the adoption of an international SEO strategy enables a brand to generate quality traffic towards quality content specifically adapted to each market. Consequently, it can also reinforce its visibility in each of these markets.

Adapting the strategy to each country

Google may be the dominant search engine in Europe and the United States, but elsewhere one must deal with local operators, such as Baidu in China, Yandex in Russia, Naver in South Korea, etc.

Each search engine has its particular characteristics. Familiarity with each process is a prerequisite for success in multilingual SEO. Once again, the alliance of linguistic and technical skills is the key to that success. Our multilingual technical teams are fully capable of rolling out your SEO strategy across the the world’s main search engines.

Building a tailor-made strategy

The close attention paid to each local market directs better and better traffic towards your website.

Following a full (technical and semantic) audit of your website and any SEO strategy already in place, our teams devise an SEO campaign adapted to the search engine and language (or languages) of each country targeted, market by market.