Giving Your Projects a Global Profile While Respecting Each Market's Needs

Understanding markets requires cultural empathy and diplomacy: Datawords combines the presence of a local agency with the approach of a worldwide one.

Our Country Managers are in direct contact with their respective markets. They communicate in the local languages, both to identify the needs of subsidiaries and to pass on guidelines received from head offices. They thus act as effective links to ensure the success of international projects.

This organisational structure ensures an overall perspective that can often be difficult to obtain when large numbers of markets are involved.

Leading a local project team

For each target market, our Country Manager forms a team that meets your requirements as closely as possible by combining all available resources for translating, adapting and integrating content.

Your dedicated Project Manager transmits a comprehensive brief to each of the Country Managers for the markets you are targeting. Depending on your sector of activity and your specific needs, the Country Manager will then choose and assemble a tailor-made team for each language to work on your project.

Helping to bring about change at local level

For certain markets, the adoption of digital technologies such as SEO, CMS and CRO is a challenge that subsidiaries can take on more easily with help from Datawords.

Our teams make their digital expertise available to each client's subsidiaries in their own languages, in accordance with the brand's international strategic choices and with local cultural characteristics. We offer assistance to our clients' subsidiaries by transmitting their head offices' guidelines for rapid assimilation and application.

Defining specific local requirements

Let Datawords help you identify the expectations and specific characteristics of your local markets.

Our Country Managers will work in conjunction with your subsidiaries to define their requirements and draw up a list of potential cultural barriers for each market targeted.

Placing local initiatives in their context

Subsidiaries themselves occasionally or regularly engage in digital projects that are specific to their own markets. By working with Datawords, they ensure that their approach remains consistent with their brand's international communications strategy.

When subsidiaries approach Datawords in connection with their local projects, they benefit from the multiple application of technical resources and our consultants' thorough knowledge of their brand.