Our e-moderation services manage your audience's discussions while protecting our brands' e-reputation.

Active and Passive Moderation, 24/7

Datawords moderates comments on all social networks worldwide, seven days a week and in all languages. The moderation rules are set up in accordance with your strategy and requirements, to filter comments and provide the best responses.
By responding quickly and appropriately to comments, you remain in control of your image, at the same time providing your communities with a more agreeable experience. Conversely, e-moderation allows you to get to know your communities better and optimize your communications and client relations.

International Social Listening

What are people saying about your brand on the Internet around the world? Social listening (or social media monitoring) consists in monitoring and analysing what that is said about your brand online, in order to:

  • Evaluate the performance of your digital communications
  • Gain a better understanding of how your brand is perceived
  • Detect comments that could harm your reputation

Following configuration of target expressions (concerning products, ambassadors, boutiques, etc.), specialized tools (such as Synthesio and Linkfluence) collect the conversations connected with your brand. Understanding local usage is then indispensable for effectively detecting threats and opportunities, assessing sentiments expressed, analysing the data in each market’s context, and providing an overall report that is both concrete and pertinent.