Speed Up the International Distribution of Your Videos

Datawords can take on board all your requirements for the production of video content intended for international distribution, in all languages and for all markets:

  • content tailored to target multiple markets, consideration of specific local aspects.
  • adaptation of existing versions (addition of subtitling or voice off) in all current languages and formats.

Production of Video Content

Datawords can advise you on the particular requirements of the various markets and help you produce pertinent and optimised content for the targeted markets.

Thanks to new expertise brought by a partnership forged with Digiprod in 2014, Datawords expanded its multicultural video production capabilities.

The production of a film can be adapted to the targeted markets all along the line from the storyboarding to the artistic direction, casting, shooting, post-production and final delivery.

Multilingual Subtitling and Motion Design

Optimal multilingual subtitling takes account of several factors at once: the subtitles in the source language, the audio source, the pace of the video, how it will be displayed, and the culture of the target audience.

The transcription of the spoken text must respect the brand's style.

The ease of reading determines the conciseness of the subtitles (number of words per minute, lines per subtitle, characters per line, etc.).

Market-requested modifications to subtitles can involve adjusting the time codes.

Once the subtitling has been completed, Datawords can convert the file into any format you require (SRT, SUB, TTML, incrustation).

Dubbing and voice-over

Datawords can help you with the voice casting, studio recording and post-production for your videos in all languages.

Video content is being watched more and more on the Internet.

Voice-over makes video content accessible to an international audience. It is an effective method of audiovisual translation.

Dubbing involves a thorough study of lip movements beforehand, then careful adaptation of the oral content to obtain perfect synchronisation.