Regularly Updating Your Website

Your brand’s business in numerous markets necessitates frequent updating of your multilingual website.

From the occasional addition of a new new boutique address to the updating of your entire catalogue, the content of your website in all its linguistic versions evolves on a daily basis.

E-commerce websites need to adapt to the reactions of their clients in each market, with the product ranges, newsletters and prize-contests being adjusted according to the results obtained.

Our teams of multilingual webmasters take care of this maintenance from day to day.

Constantly Updating your product catalogue

Your product range is not set in stone. It varies from one country to another. Your products evolve.

Your online catalogue needs updating once per year, per month, per week or per day. Whatever the frequency or the language combination concerned, we take care of the addition or deletion of product references. Production processes that are tried and tested, and ISO 9001-certified, enable us to ensure optimum quality in the shortest delivery times.